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Our Mission is to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth, by developing and delivering mobile phone services that give low-income communities the information they need to improve their lives.

Our Vision is a developing world where job-seekers can find work easily and quickly, through better phone-based access to labour market information. A developing world where families in need can boost their standard of living, thanks to better information about aid and social services.

The Problem

The Potential

The Solution: Souktel




Across the developing world, no good way for communities to get information about jobs and emergency aid. Low Internet access. Few government resources. Limited social networks.

Mobile phone use is booming, especially in low-income countries: In Kenya, cell phone ownership has risen by 160% in the past two years. In Palestine, 80% of youth own mobiles. In Bangladesh there are 30 mobile owners for each web user.

Souktel is a cell phone-based service that uses SMS and voice-menu technology to link young people with jobs and connect aid agencies with people who need help. Founded by Palestinian, Canadian and American graduate fellows at Harvard University and M.I.T. , Souktel has been changing lives across the developing world since 2006.

Why Use Mobile?

1. Save Time

  • No more long phone calls. Send news and information instantly to thousands of people.
  • No need to wait for mail and packages. SMS surveys put an end to paper forms.

2. Save Money

  • Cut your phone bills in half: Send thousands of SMS messages for a fraction of phone call costs.
  • Put an end to expensive flyer printing, newspaper ads, or radio campaigns.

3. Reach More People

  • Get information to/from the majority of people who don’t use Internet or “land line” phones
  • Reach out to rural communities that lack access and infrastructure.
  • Send news quickly across crisis zones.
  • Contact thousands of people without needing to use a computer.

4. Empower Women

  • Create new, safe ways for women to connect with male and female peers.
  • Set up secure women-only messaging services and user communities.

Why Use Souktel?

1. Software Access Anywhere, Any Time

  • Log on to your system from any computer with Internet: Access JobMatch and AidLink  from multiple sites at the same time. Manage all your campaigns directly.
  • Or, manage your system from any mobile phone, through simple SMS commands. No Internet needed!

2. Fully Customized, Not “One Size Fits All”

  • Developer teams work directly with you to build software that meets your exact needs: Choose your language, layout, and features. Integrate the system with your own website or database.
  • Souktel trainers create custom user manuals for staff and community members. We give you customized training on system management.

3. Full Technical Support: No IT Experience Needed

  • Souktel hosts your AidLink/JobMatch system on dedicated servers in the US. Or we install the software on your own servers.
  • Souktel IT staff are available 7 days a week to resolve technical support issues. With our staff ready to assist, your staff don’t need any specific IT training or experience.


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