M&E and Analytics

M&E and Analytics
Integrated mobile & web data collection, mapping, and reporting.

Damaged roads. Flickering lights. Patchy web access. Our M&E solutions leapfrog these barriers, letting you build large-volume surveys within minutes–via messenger app (like WhatsApp), web form, or SMS/audio channels. Custom designed for your specific project, our platforms come directly connected to mobile networks–so you can launch campaigns instantly, without needing to buy phone numbers or mobile credit.

Custom-built analytics panels give you the freedom to view results on maps or word clouds. We’ll also integrate the platform directly with your own website or database–so you can share poll results publicly & get automated reports. No time to run a survey? We’ll run the poll for you, reaching out to our 0.5 million users in more than 20 countries.

With ready-to-use mobile hotlines and made-to-order software, Souktel’s M&E and analytics solutions meet the exact needs of your project–letting you focus on what matters most: Communicating with communities.  

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