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November 2010
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 10:47
Souktel, Siemens, and Financial Times to Address Youth Unemployment
on CNBC Panel
Souktel has been tackling youth unemployment in Palestine and the developing world for the past five years–but as any news reader knows, this problem isn’t just limited to any specific region; it’s a global issue.
Now, CNBC and the Blackstone Charitable Foundation are addressing this reality by launching the Global Youth Employment Agenda, a two day summit taking place in London  from Dec. 2 – 3, 2010.
Here, Souktel co-founder Jacob Korenblum, along with leaders from the private sector, public sector, NGOs and the media, will meet to explore ways of creating more jobs for youth and better preparing them for the workforce. The event will be broadcast live on CNBC.
Slated to join in the proceedings are the CEO of Siemens, the founder of India’s Bharti Foundation, French finance minister Christine Lagarde, and heads of the UN’s International Labor Organization, the International Youth Foundation and global employment firm Manpower.
Souktel, which created a mobile phone job service that’s run by a young staff, offers a leading example of how simple technology can connect new graduates and other skilled young job-seekers with work opportunities. As Korenblum says in a CNBC blog post this week, “Youth joblessness is a massive challenge — but one that can be overcome through innovation.”
The importance of understanding how young people use technology and the need to open up new communication channels between employers and potential employees will be a central theme in Korenblum’s talk on the GYEA panel.
“We at Souktel are honoured to have this opportunity,” he said, “and we’re excited to learn from the leading employers and NGOs around us how to make our service even better.”


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