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The Team

Souktel’s management team combines more than 20 years of experience in IT-based solutions for economic growth and humanitarian aid. Team members are based in Souktel’s Middle East and North America offices, with frequent travel across the Arab World and East Africa.  Team members consult frequently with a global advisory board of non-profit and private sector leaders.


Jacob Korenblum – CEO and Team Leader – AidLink Partnerships

Jacob leads Souktel’s outreach to the humanitarian aid sector, building on his prior experience managing economic development and emergency relief projects for contractors to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

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Kristen Roggemann – Team Leader, Business Development

Kristen manages Souktel’s business development processes, building upon experience spanning the development and strategy sectors.
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Mohammad Kilany – Team Leader, Software Development

A Nokia Youth Action Net Fellow and a 2009 Synergos Fellow, Mohammad combines his IT skills with a passion for social change as leader of Souktel’s software development team.

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Lana Hijazi – Team Leader, JobMatch Partnerships

One of four 2009 winners of the King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement at the World Economic Forum for the Middle East, Lana oversees all outreach to employers and institutions for our JobMatch service.

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Dalia Othman – Manager, Community Projects

A leading young Palestinian social innovator, Ms. Othman manages Souktel’s community mobile service projects–empowering rural and marginalized communities through mobile technology.
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Shannon Gavin – Manager of New Partnerships and Mobile Projects

Before joining Souktel, Shannon worked with Save the Children Yemen, leading a reading skills assessment of over 600 children across three southern governorates.

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Nowar Nazzal – Project Assistant

Nowar helps promote Souktel’s JobMatch service in Palestine, and manages audio content recordings for Souktel’s Interactive Voice Services.

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Amber Houssian – Team Leader, Operations and Media

With more than 10 years of marketing expertise, Amber oversees Souktel’s regional media campaigns and operations. Prior to joining the Souktel team she worked at leading North American advertising firms like Cossette, where she directed online marketing campaigns for Canadian mobile network Bell Mobility, among other major clients.

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Uqba Owda – Software Project Manager

Uqba leads Souktel’s custom-design projects for clients across the Middle East and Africa. He joins the Souktel team after working for clients like Orange Mobile and France Telecom at the Astek Group in France.

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Mohannad Zalloom – Software Project Manager

With ten years of software development experience, including mobile application design for leading Palestinian firm Assali Tech, Mohannad Zalloom brings a wide range of programming skills to the Souktel team.

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Michael Moszczynski – Software Project Manager

Michael leads Souktel’s interactive voice response (IVR) projects and has particular expertise in connectivity integration. His experience in the mobile industry includes working with large companies, like VeriSign, as well as smaller startups such as mQube.   Michael is a native of Canada and a graduate of the University of Waterloo. He is a fluent speaker of multiple languages including English, Polish and Arabic.



Ahmad Said – Software Project Manager

Ahmad Said is a software engineer with extensive experience designing mobile solutions, particularly for the education sector. Ahmad has a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, Palestine. At Souktel Ahmad uses his software skills to improve both AidLink and JobMatch platforms, with a focus on Souktel’s Palestine services.



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